Senior Capstone Project
Boston University
Neuronal Dynamics Lab
Boston, MA
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Real-Time Optogenetic Stimulation

Built tools to study the effect of theta phase-specific stimulation on memory recall.

Presented at the Northeast Bioengineering Conference in 2019 (New Brunswick, NJ).

Awarded Outstanding Senior Project in Biomedical Engineering


Synthetic Biology Research
Boston University
Design, Automation, Manufacturing, & Prototyping (DAMP) Lab
Boston, MA
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Recombinase State Machine-Based Genetic Circuits

Designed an automated platform to construct and test genetic circuits.

Presented at the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Symposium & the International Workshop on Bio-Manufacturing Automation (IWBMA) in 2018.

2018 - 2019

Clinical Research
Mayo Clinic
Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery
Rochester, MN
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Functional Outcomes Following TORS (Transoral Robotic Surgery) for HPV+ Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients

Retrospective chart review to evaluate speech & swallowing outcomed of HPV+ OPSCC patients.

Published (2nd author) in the American Journal of Otolaryngology (2019).

Presented at the 2018 Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM).


Boston University
STEM Pathways
Boston, MA
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Synthetic Biology Educational App

Developed a smartphone app for synthetic biology education for a STEM outreach organization at Boston University.


Boston University
Boston, MA
CAD Assembly & Drawings

Infant Fecal Management System

Designed and prototyped an infant fecal management system with the guidance of two pediatric gastroenterologists.